The weather might be cooling down, but let’s not say goodbye to the heat just yet. These spicy margarita hacks will help you savor summer for as long as you want to. Here are some of the simplest ways to spice up your marg…emphasis on the simple!

🔥How to Spice Up Any Flybird Margarita🔥

The first and most important part of simple hacks for spicing up your margarita is starting with one of our ready-to-drink margaritas. The one step alone streamlines your cocktail creation and lets you skip to the very best part—enjoying it!

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Slice a Jalapeño

Depending on how spicy you like your margaritas, you can incorporate jalapeño slices in several ways. For a milder spicy marg, deseed the pepper, slice it, and toss in a few pieces. If you’re in the mood for a spicier marg, muddle the jalapeño slices before adding them to your drink. For a next-level spicy marg, add in a few jalapeño seeds. This will really bring out the heat. (But don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Did you know that jalapenos are one of the best sources of vitamin C? That basically makes a jalapeño margarita healthy, right?

🔥Our Pick: Flybird Watermelon Cucumber Margarita + Sliced Jalapenos


Sprinkle Some Spice

Add a pinch of cayenne pepper or Tajin to your margarita for an unforgettable twist. There are several ways you can incorporate it—add it directly to your Flybird margarita or rim your glass with it. Then impress your friends with a spicy, bartender-free margarita.

🔥Our Pick: Flybird Blood Orange Margarita + Tajin Rim


Try Spicy Margarita Salt

Rim your margarita glass with heat. Look for spicy margarita salt next time you’re at the store, or make your own chili salt by combining salt, ancho powder, chili powder, and paprika. Add cayenne pepper if you want a bolder kick.

🔥Our Pick: Flybird Strawberry Margarita + Spicy Margarita Salt


Add a Dash of Hot Sauce

Seriously! Whether your hot sauce of choice is Cholula, Texas Pete, Tabasco, Frank’s, or something else, we can assure you that you can use it for much more than hot wings and pizza. Add a dash (or two…or however many your heart desires) of any hot sauce to your favorite Flybird margarita to kick things up a notch. Play around with different hot sauces combined with different flavors until you find the one you can’t get enough of.

🔥Our Pick: Flybird Baja Lime Margarita + a Dash of Cholula


The Unsung Hero: Spicy Tamarind Mangonada

Flybird’s Mangonada might not be a margarita, but it takes “easy spicy cocktail” to the next level. Made with layers of tamarind and Chile de Arbol spice, you don’t need to add anything to this ready-to-drink spicy cocktail. Simply open, pour over ice, and enjoy! Find it near you.


There’s no reason you need to leave the comfort of your couch (or spend an arm and a leg) to enjoy a next-level spicy margarita. Our bartender-free margaritas are easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy—and that’s saying something! If you’re not careful, your friends will designate you the go-to drink maker for every party, but they don’t have to know your secret to crafting delicious, ready-to-drink cocktails!