Lime Margarita

Baja Lime

Ditch the limes and grab a bottle of Flybird Baja Lime Margarita on the fly, the easiest premium margarita you’ll ever make! Period. This cocktail is loaded with lemon-lime citrus flavors and notes of sunshine and the beach. It is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave wine, grown right in Mexico, and all-natural flavors. It’s the easy-to-sip, ready-to-drink, classic margarita cocktail that’s flavorful, bold, and kicks a serious punch without the hassle. After all, fiestas are for partying, not bartending.

All-Natural Ingredients: Natural Lime Juice, Dried Orange, Cane Sugar, Agave Wine, Water

Blue Weber Agave
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Bartender free cocktails
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15% alcohol volume
Flybird Cans: Made in Mexico from Premium Blue Weber Agave wine. 9% Alcohol, gluten-free, no artificial colors or sweeteners. Just chill, pop the top, and enjoy!






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