Meet Flybird

Inspired by the slightly rebellious and wanderlust spirit in all of us, Flybird was designed to deliver authentic, vibrant cocktails in an easy-to-drink format, so you’re ready to imbibe on the fly or wherever your life takes you. Inspired by the warm beaches, bold breezy nights, and vibrancy of Mexico, Flybird premium cocktails are crafted in Mexico with 100% Blue Weber Agave wine and all-natural flavors. Our vision is to create premium cocktails that offer an authentic, restaurant experience at home, or anywhere! Less bartending, more partying. Just pour over ice and enjoy!

what is 100% de agave wine?

The process is similar to making tequila. The harvested agave are cooked and then pressed to release the juice from the agave, which is called aguamiel or “honey water.” The aguamiel is then fermented and filtered. Following fermentation, instead of being distilled into tequila, it is instead fortified into agave wine, which is the base alcohol for all of our Flybird Cocktails. Be sure to look for 100% de agave on the label to ensure the wine is of the highest quality and made with 100% Blue Weber Agave.






Dare to try these flavors?

Lime Margarita